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Privacy Statement

Punk Rock Academy doesn't track much at all. It doesn't use cookies. You don't have to login. I don't know what pages you're looking at. I don't request any personal information. In fact, I really only track two things - the total number of page views (in short, how many pages were viewed in a month) and the total amount of traffic (in short, how many files were transferred). Both of these are aggregate numbers and provide no personally identifiable information of any kind. If you elect to sign up for the Punk Rock Academy mailing list, you will receive sporadic emails (VERY sporadic - I think it's been three or four years since I sent one out). There is no automated system for subscription or removing yourself from the list - email puckett at punkrockacademy dot com and I'll add or remove you as requested.

If you arrived here through another site, whether by a link or via a frame, I cannot speak for what that site does or does not track. However, that's for you to take up with them.

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Last modified on Sunday, April 27, 2008