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Notes From The Flip Side: 02.06.2000

"I admire every determined stray from a sterile life."

Hot Water Music

The sun just broke through the clouds - brilliant silver light reflected and crashing in on me like the foam of offshore breakers. It's another Golden Hill Saturday afternoon - birds sit on the electrical wires across the street and chatter at each other. 747s fly overhead and overheard on their final reproach to Lindbergh Field. Lately, my life has been filled with wonder and lovely women with expansive hearts and smiles wide enough to break the world in two. I spent last night cooking and listening to a friend talk about the well of pain she began drawing from when her husband left. I spent this afternoon wandering through the city - browsing for records and books, drinking coffee and looking into the sky. I visited with friends and chatted with people who I met. And I can't stop thinking about how you bite your lip when you glance at me and then look away, blushing.

I went to see tiltWheel last Monday and caught an elbow in the head, sending my glasses flying. Somebody in the crowd grabbed them and handed them back to me; I don't know who it was, but thank you. The record reviews from Issue 2 are finally done. Don't expect to see the reviews from Issues 3, 4 or 5 for a long while. I lost the original files and am still trying to find an easier way to deal with recovering the data than retyping everything. I'll begin on the reviews from Issues 6, 7 and 8 soon. As time goes on, I will be adding the zine and show reviews.

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