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Notes From The Flip Side: 02.21.2000

It's been over three years since my mother killed herself. I spent a great deal of time before and after it happened talking with a friend of mine in Texas. Somewhere along the line, I fell in love with her. Nothing ever came of it - just long distance bills and unfulfilled desires. I used to dream about running away with her in a beat-up car, nothing but a box of books, old records and some clothes in the back. I never had a destination in mind. Sometimes, the journey is enough.

I've been talking to her again lately. It brings back memories - listening to her languid Southern drawl and her soft laughter, talking about our lives and our problems and trying to figure out how we could get over it, how we could go about starting to get by.

As I get older, I can feel my heart grow larger and I realize that I'm only becoming more committed to the people and things that have sustained me over the years. I still love the bands I listened to when I was young; I love them even more now. And I'm hearing new bands that send chills up my spine. Punk has changed and so have I. I wouldn't have it any other way.

In upcoming months, I'll be adding a lot of stuff. I'm still trying to get access to a scanner with OCR software to avoid retyping three issues. I also looked through my tape archives to see what else is there. The answer: Interviews with face to face, Bad Religion, Offspring, Jawbreaker, Sense Field, Farside, No Knife, Superchunk, Pegboy and more. By my estimate, I've got about 30 hours of interviews sitting next to me that need to be part of the permanent record. I'm still adding archival record reviews, and you should see new interviews with Elliott and Hot Water Music in the next few months.

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