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Notes From The Flip Side: 04.07.2002

The emails started coming in last week. An old friend of mine from college had died from complications of scleroderma at 25. She had been married for two years. She had a job in journalism. And the disease killed her in a few months. So those of us who knew her mourn. Fare thee well, Paulette.

I recently made another big change in my life - Jenn and I adopted a full-grown Great Dane named Frasier. He's a great dog - very mellow. Most of the time. However, he tends to sprawl out on the bed and take up most of the room. This is perfectly fine when I'm napping, but can be a problem when I'm trying to sleep. He's a very friendly dog - Jenn and I took him for a long walk this morning and wound up at the Ken Club where we ran into Jeff and Travis. Frasier quickly curled up on the floor and made himself at home - it's good to know that he feels at home in a bar. Right now, he's dozing on his bed. This is what Great Danes usually do.

As far as everything else goes, I'm still moving in and unpacking (which is why updates seem few and far between). It's been more than two months and most of my books (and almost all of my records) are still in boxes. My network isn't set up yet. Neither is my stereo. I don't even have shelves set up. And I have another piece for Clamor coming due soon.

This isn't too different from how I've lived in the past but it's annoying Jenn, so I'm dedicating the rest of the day to unpacking boxes, sorting out things to donate and getting rid of clutter. This is a fairly daunting task (as anyone who's seen my living room can attest). After moving these boxes around, I'm sure that I'll rest well tonight.

Be well. And make sure to let your friends know how much they mean to you as often as you can. You may not have another chance.

Site Updates

The Fairweather interview is coming along nicely. I added an article that I wrote for Clamor Magazine titled "Notes On Unnecessary Complexity On Communication; Or, What The Fuck Are You Saying?" And more links.

I stumbled across a site that looks like it has all of Hakim Bey's "Temporary Autonomous Zone" online. This book can change the way you see life with each passing word. Read it with an open heart.

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