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Notes From The Flip Side: 06.11.2000

"I must admit that cruelty and force exerted against weakness turn me sick with rage, but this would be equally true in the treatment of any weak by any strong."

John Steinbeck

I spent most of yesterday at the beach, talking about politics and thinking about how unpleasant that subject is. I don't ignore politics, it's just that it's a distasteful chore, like taking out a bag of particularly rancid garbage.

My political views are simple - they lie in taking care of the people I can. They regard a kiss as more revolutionary than an assassination, meaningful conversations as more significant than tax cuts, and watching a sunset as more important than watching the State of the Union address. In my political views, coffee is always more important than campaigning. After all, politicians come and go. People endure longer than any elected official or demagogue.

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