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Notes From The Flip Side: 07.29.2001

It's funny how things come together. I saw Jim from Furious IV wearing a Free The West Memphis Three shirt and asked him about it. He told me that three kids in Arkansas were framed for murder and briefly outlined some of the evidence.

A few months later, Eric Rife - an old editor of mine and well-respected journalist - hosted a screening of "Paradise Lost," the first West Memphis Three documentary at the San Diego Public Library. We started talking about the case and he offered to let me use an article about the case, and was gracious enough to do a substantial amount of work on a case summary.

A few days after that happened, Peter from Koch Entertainment emailed me to inquire if I'd be interested in doing a giveaway through the site. The prize? Five packages that include the "Free The West Memphis Three: A Benefit For Truth And Justice" CD and the "Paradise Lost 2: Revelations" DVD. Would I be interested? Hell yes.

So here's the deal: Five people will win packages in a random drawing that will be conducted at noon PST on August 26th, 2001. All entries must be submitted by 9:00 A.M. PST, August 26th, 2001 in order to qualify. In order to enter, send an email to puckett at punkrockacademy dot com with your name, mailing address, email address and the names of the West Memphis Three. You can find their names at http://www.wm3.org or in the article on this site. After all, one of them is on Death Row. The other two are in prison for life. And all of them are imprisoned for crimes that they didn't commit. The least you can do is learn their names.

Privacy note: Information for this contest will only be collected for purposes of this contest. You will not be added to a mailing list nor will your information be used for any purposes other than this contest. If you have any questions about the rules or need further clarification, please email puckett at punkrockacademy dot com.

Site Updates

I've added interviews with American Steel and Small Brown Bike.

I've also added a new essay by Pee Air on songwriting and an article by Eric Rife on the West Memphis Three. I also added a new batch of closers and the intro to the new issue. And there's a bunch of new links to check out and explore.

Gary 7" at Accident Prone finished printing the new STM t-shirts and they look awesome. I wholeheartedly recommend his shop if you need shirts done.

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