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Notes From The Flip Side: 09.08.2002

Everything is up in the air. Everything is uncertain. Everything is subject to change these days.

As I enter these remaining months of 2002, I realize that I don't know where I'll be at the end of September, much less the end of the year. It seems that the leaves caught by that sudden gust of wind that blew through July are starting to settle and I'm just waiting to see where they land.

In the meantime, I'm spending as much time with friends as I can - I got to see Gary, Joel and Joe on Friday, along with Gaylord and Mike. I spent time drinking a beer with the Watch It Burn lads. I got to chat with Chris and then go see Corey, Squire and those crazy Kolob kids. Thursday night was time with Mitch, Shane, Nick, Hernan, Alison and April. And last night was Furious IV, Watch It Burn and The Tori Cobras. Three shows at three different venues. I'm ashamed to say that I only made two of them.

These days feel a lot like I'm starting to say goodbye. They feel a lot like I'm getting ready to move on. They feel like it's time to leave. They're scary - no, they're terrifying. And I wouldn't trade these moments for the world.

Now Playing:

Fairweather, "Alaska"; Tori Cobras, "Running With The Red Light"; Flogging Molly, "Drunken Lullabies"; Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach, "Painted From Memory"

Just Finished:

Rick Poynor, "Obey The Giant"; Martin Heidegger, "The Question Concerning Technology"

Now Reading:

Andrew Feenberg, "Questioning Technology" and "Alternative Modernity"; Steven Heller, "Graphic Design History" (edited with Georgette Ballance); Gunnar Swanson, ed., "Graphic Design And Reading"; Italo Calvino, "t zero"; Greil Marcus, "The Old, Weird America"; Naomi Klein, "No Logo"

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