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Notes From The Flip Side: 10.29.2001

Oddly enough, I don't really have much to write about at the moment, save for noting that my life is getting busy. I'm about five weeks out from putting out the first full-length on my inadvertent label (I didn't plan to start one, it just happened). I'm going to be reworking this Web site in coming months (nothing will change with what you see - at least, nothing I can think of). And I hope to be sleeping a bit more ... but that's highly unlikely, especially considering the proofing that I need to do for Clamor.

Last weekend, I saw One Time Angels do two shows; Corey and April from Vena Cava set up a show at a bar here called Chaser's which went outstandingly well. There's no stage there; the band had to set up on the floor which meant that they were eye to eye with everyone singing along. It was a truly amazing show. Since the show was so great and they were such nice guys, Jason from The Tori Cobras, his girlfriend Amy and I drove up to Corona to see them again. Scott and Doug put us on the list and we sat around, talking about things and life in general.

Yes, I interviewed them. They've released one of my favorite albums this year. And I was stoked to have the chance to chat with the guys.

Thanks to the Fairweather kids for putting on a great show last Thursday night; I hope you found the accommodations here to your liking. Thanks to Brad from Grade for the long conversation. It seems like every time I run into that guy, we talk for longer and longer periods of time. And thanks to Kyle and Kent from Grade for the respective chats with them as well.

These are the things that inspire me - discovering like minds and open hearts and new ideas. And these days seem to go on forever ... and it doesn't bother me at all.

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