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Notes From The Flip Side: 12.04.1999

Sick To Move and related publications support Irish home rule, Basque and Quebecois separatism and the natural rights of any other group of people who desire to form their own union.

Raise a glass to Mathew Fletcher, drummer for Heavenly. While it's old news, I only found out this week that he passed on.

Site Updates

In the past week, I repaired all broken links that I knew about and added the Superchunk, Fifth Column, New Bomb Turks, Lois, Heavenly, Rancid, J Church, Nine Pound Hammer, Karate, Pavement, Meghan eMpTy, Sean Guillory, Larry Livermore, Brett Martin, Reverend Norb, Molly Neuman, Teri Red Aunt, Stormy Shepherd, Jim Testa, John Yates and Matt Wobensmith interviews, as well as the closing sections and a handful of reviews.

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