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I Mooned About The Thought

strobing lights silhouette your features
delineating them sharply against
the contrasting dark outlining your
mussed hair eyelashed by your sight i feel
whipped and beaten my soul stripped bare
blow after blow from the throbbing bass
your brown eyes see me watching stray strands
shake carving graven image into
granite occupying time trying
to forget the wine as you perfumed
your neck and wrists wondering how you
kiss as you chose your shirt and asked me
to answer the phone putting on shoes
that looked like they were made of brown suede
hooked by your gaze telling me you have
a futon but sleep on the floor and
i looked at the carpet skis propped in
the corner a bicycle leaning
against the wall imagining how
you might pull the blanket from the couch
and wrap up in it rolling around
luxuriating in the creamy
shag and trying all the while not to
dreaming blue dreams of you as the world
turns on the power supply to
become your fan blowing your hair back
applauding every performance you
make as i sit in the wings waiting
backstage for you there's too much time to
waste and it's getting late and i'm still
content to wait i go out wailing
after midnight howling at the moon
hoping you'll meet me on some vacant
deserted street corner and kiss me
under the light under your body
walking past your apartment looking
at the dead leaves floating in the pool
illuminated underwater
by the lamp hoping you're feeling the
same i can't help but swoon at the thought

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008