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Fader Fallout

So I wrote an article for Clamor Magazine some months ago which wound up being titled How Much Did You Pay For Your Identity?: The Big Business of Selling Individuality to Kids. The first three paragraphs consisted of a brief look into a magazine called The Fader and its connections to a marketing and promotions firm called Cornerstone. I thought the paragraphs were well-researched, but they prompted an angry letter from one Eddie Brannan, Creative Director at The Fader. Not long after this exchange between Jason, one of my editors at Clamor, and Eddie wound down, I received emails from Cornerstone pushing a pop-punk band from San Diego. Oops. The guys in Lucky 7 seem like nice enough people. I met them once or twice and they were always genial chaps, but that band and my site are not now - nor have they ever been, nor are they ever likely to be - any kind of fit. In addition, Cornerstone is apparently pushing Sugarcult as well, and in my world, Sugarcult's last claim to fame was borrowing rather substantial portions of Vena Cava's artwork (and I consider Corey, April and Patrick to be good friends), so, without further delay, on with the show ...

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008