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Colin Smith


Colin Smith played in Dodgeball and Cockroach.


What is the state of the scene?
Colin: I don't really know too much about that to tell you the truth.
Is there anything wrong with punk music in San Diego?
Colin: No, nothing's wrong. It's okay.
What's good about punk music in San Diego?
Colin: That there is.
How do you think people act at the shows? Do they seem to be having a good time?
Colin: I think there's a lot of different people at the shows acting really different. That's about it. I think they're all having a good time, they're just having a good time in their different ways.
Do you see any problems with the crowds and the people who go to see bands?
Colin: No, there's always been problems with shows like that, and they're the same now as they were before, the same problems. They're not going to go away, so I think everybody just has to learn to live with the problems.
What can we do to make the scene better?
Colin: That's a really good question, one that someone needs to think about. I'll just tell you right now, I don't know what I can do with that. That's something you have to think about. Sorry. More people need to spend their time thinking about their own thing and the scene probably wouldn't be so bad if everybody was concentrating on a band, and then they wouldn't have to be concentrating on the scene so much. The more bands, the better the scene. If everybody's concentrating on a band, we wouldn't need to worry about the scene because the scene would be really good. That's all I have to say.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008