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Tim Yohannon


Tim Yohannon coordinated Maximum Rocknroll. Since the time of this interview, he passed away. R.I.P.


How have you seen punk rock change since you became involved with it?
Tim: Well, it's definitely gone from something people did because they were fans or fanatical or on a quest or because it was the only place they could go to something that some people do because there's money to be made and business to be done. It's changed in those ways.
Is it better now or worse than when you got involved?
Tim: I'd say worse. I don't think it's as creative or as much fun because of those reasons and I think it changes a lot of the motivation and a lot of the types of people it attracts.
Do you think there's anything wrong with punk?
Tim: Well, there's lots, but I think that the whole business mentality has taken over and that's primary on my list of what is wrong with it.
What's good about punk?
Tim: There's still bands coming out of the garage that have passion and can make some really great music and they're really fun and there are still a lot of people doing it for independent reasons and so for the same reasons it was always good, it still is good.
How have you seen the crowds and the people at shows change?
Tim: Well, they get younger and younger all the time, that's one thing. I don't know. I think it varies from place to place, what a scene is like or how things change and around here, I guess the main way it's changed is that there's very many sub-scenes. In other words, every different sub-genre has its little scene.
Do you see any problems with the way people act at shows?
Tim: I don't think it's that bad, at least from what I've seen. I mean, there's always jerks and there's always going to be some people that are out to hurt other people but at least around here, generally, it's not bad. It may be bad in other places.
What can we do to make the scene better?
Tim: Well, I think if there was more of a consciousness about punk being something completely independent from corporate and governmental influence, then I think it would be better. I think too many people rationalize bands going to major labels, that kind of thing.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008