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"New Moon" CD (Real World)

Let's start by proposing that "punk" is not a form, but rather a function; it is not a blueprint but rather an aesthetic sensibility. Let us also assume that punk has less to do with style than content, less appearance than ideas. While this contradicts the semiological importance of symbols like safety pins and leather jackets, it also frees the boundaries to include radicalized music which carries the same ideas, yet doesn't fit into the rubric. Abdelli's music is about as far from punk as it's possible to get and still scream about the exploitation of women and complacency, featuring sentiments such as "Wake up, idiots! Who sent you to sleep in that way? Your sleep is humiliating. One day there will be a big storm which will uproot you!" Better than Bad Religion's Atlantic debut by a factor of 10.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008