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The Bats

"Couchmaster" CD (Mammoth)

The Bats are a bit of a throwback to the eighties, not that they're getting retro or anything. As a matter of fact they helped create the moody, ethereal pop sound synonymous with groups like the Smiths and The Cure. Now, thirteen years since their first release, the Bats are still flapping along with a solid new album of delicate, atmospheric pop songs. While it's hard to imagine anyone other than pasty English kids enjoying this record, there's really no reason for this music to be confined to retro mope rockers. "Couchmaster" is refreshing for its faint harmonies and unobtrusive fuzz-tone guitars. The result is moody, atmospheric pop that's considerably less depressing than this type of music is frequently accused of being. (TOM)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008