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Beta Minus Mechanic

"Disassembly Required" CD (Revelation)

I suspected this record was bad when I picked out lyrical fragments like "Our leaders are to blame." It's not that I disagree with the sentiment, just that it's incredibly simplistic and about as subtle as being whacked in the head with a rather largish rubber mallet. When I cracked open the liner notes, it was all over. How am I supposed to take an album which contains lines like "Helpless people need our help" seriously? In "See How We Are" (X, if you must ask), John Doe notes that "Somebody sings about [social issues] once in every 20 years." So, uh, can we, like, make it 40? Or something? Even if it means sacrificing the next Woody Guthrie, it's worth it simply to avoid records like this one.

"69 Camaro" 7" EP (Revelation)

Interesting, but the punk rock sound mixed with vocal training is a bit odd. Ina Jeffress has a lovely voice, but the music which supports her singing is relatively standard punk. Granted, it throws her excellent singing into even sharper relief, but also makes it stick out like an over-used simile.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008