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Blink 182

"Lemmings" b/w Swindle "Going Nowhere" & "One Track" 7" (Cargo)

A double bill 7" (god, if that isn't getting fucking cheap) from Blink and Santee neighbors, Swindle. It's status quo from the Blink boys and Swindle weighs in with some completely average punk songs. Blink can certainly do better than this as they proved on Cheshire Cat. Great cover though. (TOM)

"Dude Ranch" CD (MCA)

As much as punk irritates me lately, Blink 182's goofy songs usually make me laugh, or at least convince me (temporarily) that I need to drink more coffee so my brain and body might approach the same velocities as their tempos. Hooks? They've got enough to make Leatherface jealous. These songs are even touching in a way (hey, get your mind out of the gutter! Not like that!) as they extol the virtues of girlfriends who pick up food at Sombrero's and Princess Leia and lament finding things out the hard way (witness "Dammit"). This isn't music to make it all go away, but it is a clap on the back and a beer from a friend who's been there and understands.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008