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"Dot Class 'C'" CD (Headhunter)

I didn't care for Inch's first album much, didn't think this would be much better until I skipped to "For Duty and Humanity" and decided to see if I could blow out my speakers. I didn't, but I did piss off my former neighbors for a few hours. Too bad. Listening to Stimy sing "I've been thinking of a new way / Of ripping myself to pieces" was therapeutic and exactly what I needed at the time. There's a barely suppressed rage fueling most of these songs, simmering just beneath the surface and ready to break through at any moment. I could write more about this, but it would simply be me projecting what I feel onto the album and ascribing qualities to it which it may not possess. However, as much as any album I've heard this year, it describes the way I feel. Its tempos frequently describe the way I move. This album has been a soundtrack for my life this year, the incidental music filling the silences between divinely scripted lines and plot points, melodies and sounds which capture the mood and set it more cogently than any imagined camera angle could.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008