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Into Another

"Ignaurus" CD (Revelation)

The first ten seconds of "Running Into Walls" sound fine. The tempo could be faster, but it might pick up speed. Sadly, that isn't the case and when vocalist Richie Birkenhead starts coating these songs with his quavery, tremulous voice and the band pulls some lame metal chops out of their bag of riffs, the album falls to hell. "Ignaurus" may be sporadically melodic, but Rush outtakes would be an improvement. Beware. Into Another may embark on a start-to-finish remake of "A Farewell to Kings" that might prove more enjoyable.

"Seemless" LP (Revelation/Hollywood)

Into Another was always Revelation's shittiest band. It's good to know that some things never change.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008