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"The Illness" CD EP (Tigerbeat6)

"The Illness" largely consists of hyperactive breakbeats that sound like old-school Prodge on cheap meth. "Ecstasy Motherfucker" sounds like tweaking happy hardcore if happy hardcore lost the sense of playfulness and substituted it with industrial breakbeats.

"Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You" CD (Ipecac)

Again with the Prodigy references, this time even cribbing from the liner notes of "Music for The Jilted Generation" for the cartoonish illustration of a happy yellow kitty getting ready to cut the support for a rope bridge. This is really just more of the same. The only moments of relief come with "If I Had A Happy Place This Would Be It" and "Parenthood," two slightly more soothing musical meditations which focus less on skittering beats and more on setting a mood by allowing ethereal sounds to build and become something different than the rest of these songs. As a whole, call it laptop-core or whatever you want - just get it away from me quickly.

"Kid606 And Friends Vol. 1" CD (Tigerbeat6)

Remixes by and of the Kid. I didn't much care for the other two Kid606 releases I've heard; the only advantage this one offers is that it is less consistent and more diverse. Some of the remixes are quite lovely, sounding more like Kraftwerk then frantic beats thrown into a blender. There still isn't enough here to make this worth keeping around.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008