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The Locust

"Safety Second, Body Last" CD EP (Ipecac)

Having read the previous line, you already know if you are inclined to buy this or not or have any interest in it. If you appreciate spazzy, grindy noise with lots of screaming, I recommend this, although this EP - while still The Locust - seems to be missing something ("Hey wait, dude - it's the fucking Locust. They make Napalm Death sound like Codeine on ‘ludes, man ... how can you even tell the fucking difference?" "Well, that's a fair question. I think most music critics would be hard-pressed to identify how, in a case like this, they distinguish between a quality record and one which doesn't match up. Frankly - and I realize that this is normal for The Locust - there's just too much keyboard on this disc which sounds like someone who just shit their pants squeezing their thighs and ass cheeks together to smear the feces around. Other records in the genre don't have as much of that blip-and-twitter, wow-and-flutter synth-grind twaddle. Clear enough?").

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008