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Members Of The Yellow Press

"Teetering On The Edge Of Destruction" Split CD (Big Action)

Apparently, it's important to note that this band has a similar name (with a slightly different spelling) as another band in Colorado. I can only hope the band from Denver isn't this boring and generic. These songs are simply punk by numbers, possessing all the creativity, vitality and insight of the second Lars Frederiksen album, but played at half the speed. Sure, there's a sort of burgeoning political consciousness here, but it's rudimentary, consisting of little more than run-of-the-mill kvetching about TV and the ubiquitous they lying to the people and resisting the media's indoctrination and shit (but it's a significant dumbing down of an overly simplified summary of an overview offered in passing of Ben Bagdikian's "Media Monopoly"). While I wouldn't presume to assign an ideology to this, it offers about the same level of analysis as your average Fox News commentator. Members Of The Yellow Press are different in that they seem to take their cues from post-punk, screamo and spastic instrumentals. That doesn't mean that they're any more interesting.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008