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Music Resources

Accident Prone Screen Printing
Blue Ghost Publicity
Blue Jeans Cable (A/V cables)
Book Your Own Fucking Life
Button Guy (Buttons)
Diesel Fuel Prints (Screen printing)
Harmony Central
Holiday Matinee (PR)
HXCMP3.com (MP3 distribution site for punk / hardcore bands)
Indie Centre (How to articles, etc.)
M Video Jukebox (Streaming video)
OLGA (Online Guitar Archive)
One Inch Round (Buttons)
Outer Sound (Indie music community)
Pokez (Vegetarian and vegan Mexican food in San Diego)
Sharkbite Studios (Studio owned by Ryan from American Steel / Communique)
Small Publishers' Co-op
Sticker Guy (Stickers)
Trouser Press
VG Kids (Low price stickers, shirts, etc.)

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Last modified on Sunday, May 4, 2008